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We are a full service creative Brand Agency that makes people stop, engage and buy.

  • STOP - a consumer stops when the brand stands out.
  • ENGAGE - a consumer engage with the brand when it is attractive.
  • BUY - a consumer buys the brand when it becomes a "must have".


We help with the evolution of your brand. The brand strategy is the birth of your brand. Once you know its competitors and audience you can start with the building and design of the brand. No one wants a static brand therefore we add movement and action to your brand. Last is to set your brand free into the world.

Brand Strategy

This is where we get the insights of your brand. We do our research, find the right audience and get the right solution to make your brand stand out from its competitors.

Brand Design

The design process takes the information from the strategy and makes it communicate visually to the right audience. We choose the right colour, imagary and graphics for your brand and put it all together.

Brand Movement

In todays busy world your brand will get lost if it stays static. We make your brand move with basic animation and videos.

Brand Boost

What is your brand without a litlle boost of a digital campaign or a print campaign. We add those boosters to lift your brand up to the masses.


All our clients are from different parts of the world with companies in different business sectors. No client is ever to big or too small for us.

Our Portfolio

We love creating brands. Here are some examples of our work. We will let the work speak for itself.


We strive not only to deliver the most creative work but also to keep all our clients happy. Our hearts skip a beat when clients take time to write some true grateful words about the project as then we know that the job was truly successful. Here are some heartfelt words from our clients.

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Chief Executive Officer

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Ulrieke "Rix" Rütter

Creative Director

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